La Mesa Building Project is under construction

Update 5/16/12: Certificate of Substantial Completion was issued May 4, 2012. Final walk-thru is scheduled in Mid-June.

Update 12/13/11: Our contractor has found a new supplier for the metal building materials who is much more responsive. A new timeline has been established, and we are now looking at substantial completion by the end of March and project close-out by the end of April 2012. We are satisfied that our contractor has done everything he could to move this project forward in spite of a very bad situation with a supplier.

Update 10/12/11: La Mesa residents have probably notice that there has not been a lot of activity at the construction site lately, but that should change very soon. We have a scheduled delivery date from the metal building manufacturer of October 15th, and once those materials arrive, the contractor can get to work on the building itself. We are now anticipating completion in late January 2012.

Original Post: I am happy to announce that this project begun by the La Mesa Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association, funded by La Mesa MDWCA and Lower Rio Grande MDWA Legislative and Colonias Initiative grants, and now assumed by the LRGPWWA is under construction.

Office and Operations Staff cleared out the old office last Friday, the phones are forwarded to our Mesquite office, and the contractor has been given a green light to proceed. Expected completion is mid-September.

Meanwhile, La Mesa customers will find their Customer Service Clerk, Benita Evara, at the Mesquite Office where their accounts are being entered into the new billing software. The payment drop-box will remain in La Mesa, but will be relocated on the office site during construction.

I will post more information later, and if you have a question, leave a comment here or give us a call at 575-233-3947.

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