Update 5/21/19: June 6, 2019 we will close on our USDA Rural Development funding and hold a Pre-Construction Conference with File Construction and project engineering firm Bohannan Huston, Inc.  We expect to issue Notice To Proceed to the contractor at this time, and to receive a proposed construction schedule from the contractor.  Watch this blog post for updates, and if you have a question, submit it below.

Update 4/29/19: USDA Rural Development has concurred with our bid award, and Notice of Award has been issued to File Construction for the Base Bid, contract documents are in process, and a pre-construction meeting is pending.  When we have a timeline from the contractor, it will be posted on the Projects & Planning page.

Original Post 4/17/19: LRGPWWA Mesquite-Brazito Sewer Project 1 funded by USDA Rural Development is just about ready to begin construction, and Project 2 design work should be complete by the end of April.  Five construction companies bid on Project 1, and File Construction was the low bidder.  Bohannan Huston, Inc., the project engineering firm, tabulated the bids, checked licensing and references, and provided a recommendation to the LRGPWWA Board of Directors to award a contract for the Base Bid items to File Construction.  The board approved that recommendation today, contingent upon funding agency concurrence.

There were three Bid Additive Alternates that will be moved to Project 2 because bids came in high and we do not have funds available to construct these portions.  It will take a few weeks to get all the contractor’s bonds in place, execute the contract, close on the funding, and for the contractor to get equipment, crews, pipe and supplies mobilized to begin work.  The contractor will be provide a proposed construction timeline during this process, and we’ll make that information available here.  Please be aware that project timelines are ALWAYS subject to change due to real world conditions that couldn’t be foreseen in the planning process.

If you have questions, concerns, or issues arise during construction, contact LRGPWWA Projects Manager Karen Nichols at 575-233-5742 x1018 or click the blue Contact Us button and select the Project Inquiries/Issues button to email her.  She will be tracking customer issues during construction to make sure that they we follow up and get them addressed, so even if you speak to someone on-site, be sure to let her know so she can follow up.  You will also find maps and additional information on the Projects & Planning Page.

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