Mesquite Brazito Sewer Project Updates

Update 3/31/22: A newsletter is going out with the April billing with information about Project 2.  You can also find it on the Notices page.  The project was bid, bids came in high, and we were only able to award a portion of the project to the low bidder, Smithco.  See the Projects & Planning page for information about the areas the project will include and those for which we are seeking additional funding.

Update 5/11/20: The contractor has begun connecting residences to the collection system.  Updated substantial completion is set for July 13, but may be extended if necessary.

Update 4/3/20: The contractor is still working on lift stations, service line installations and road restorations.  Project 2 bidding documents are in review at the funding agency, and we have a couple of easement issues to clear up before it can be put out to bid.

Update 3/13/20: Main lines are installed, and the contractor is working on service line installations and road restoration.  If you are having a project related issue with work on your property or the roadways, contact Projects Manager Karen Nichols at 575-233-5742 x1018, or use the blue “Contact Us” button at the top of the page, select the “Project Inquiries/Issues” contact form, and submit your information that way.  We appreciate our Brazito customers for your patience with the inconveniences caused by this project.

Update 12/3/19: The construction on Yucca Road is taking a lot longer than anticipated because the contractor is having to work around a gas line that was not identified during design in tight quarters along a shoulder that is narrower than it was during design (the road was widened).  Please slow down and be very careful driving in construction zones and use the marked detours.

Update 10/28/19: Please continue to use caution when driving in construction zones.  File Construction has been providing 2-Week Look-Ahead Schedules and doing their best to provide alternate routes & detours.  The construction has caused inconveniences for our staff who work at our Brazito office and our Operations staff who are in and out of there as well.  We appreciate your patience, and encourage you to contact us with any project related issues.

Update 8/9/19: A new 2-Week Look-Ahead Schedule has been posted on the Projects & Planning page showing the schedule for 2 weeks beginning Monday, 8/12/19.  We are running about 30 days behind the initial schedule due to delays getting the contractor’s Traffic Control Plan reviewed and approved, but work is progressing well.  The contractor is planning to install some service lines on customers’ properties in the area where they are working, but these will NOT be tied into the system.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT attempt to tie in to these lines because they will be capped until the system is constructed and ready to receive flow, and it will cause a backup into your home.  The contractor’s crews will be back to do the tie-ins at the appropriate time.

Update 6/28/19: Revised Project Timeline has been posted on the Projects & Planning page.  We should have a new two-week look ahead schedule next week.

Update 6/21/19: The project is underway, and the project timeline and two-week look-ahead schedule is posted on the Projects & Planning page.

Update 6/10/19: Notice to Proceed has been issued to File Construction, and construction will begin on June 17th.  When we receive the construction schedule from the contractor, we will post it on the Projects & Planning page.  PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that a construction schedule is not set in stone… things happen in the real world that can cause delays, or even once in a while, allow things to move faster than planned.  They will be providing us with 2-month schedules as well as one for the whole project, and these will be adjusted as necessary.
Update 5/21/19: June 6, 2019 we will close on our USDA Rural Development funding and hold a Pre-Construction Conference with File Construction and project engineering firm Bohannan Huston, Inc.  We expect to issue Notice To Proceed to the contractor at this time, and to receive a proposed construction schedule from the contractor.  Watch this blog post for updates, and if you have a question, submit it below.

Update 4/29/19: USDA Rural Development has concurred with our bid award, and Notice of Award has been issued to File Construction for the Base Bid, contract documents are in process, and a pre-construction meeting is pending.  When we have a timeline from the contractor, it will be posted on the Projects & Planning page.

Original Post 4/17/19: LRGPWWA Mesquite-Brazito Sewer Project 1 funded by USDA Rural Development is just about ready to begin construction, and Project 2 design work should be complete by the end of April.  Five construction companies bid on Project 1, and File Construction was the low bidder.  Bohannan Huston, Inc., the project engineering firm, tabulated the bids, checked licensing and references, and provided a recommendation to the LRGPWWA Board of Directors to award a contract for the Base Bid items to File Construction.  The board approved that recommendation today, contingent upon funding agency concurrence.

There were three Bid Additive Alternates that will be moved to Project 2 because bids came in high and we do not have funds available to construct these portions.  It will take a few weeks to get all the contractor’s bonds in place, execute the contract, close on the funding, and for the contractor to get equipment, crews, pipe and supplies mobilized to begin work.  The contractor will be provide a proposed construction timeline during this process, and we’ll make that information available here.  Please be aware that project timelines are ALWAYS subject to change due to real world conditions that couldn’t be foreseen in the planning process.

If you have questions, concerns, or issues arise during construction, contact LRGPWWA Projects Manager Karen Nichols at 575-233-5742 x1018 or click the blue Contact Us button and select the Project Inquiries/Issues button to email her.  She will be tracking customer issues during construction to make sure that they we follow up and get them addressed, so even if you speak to someone on-site, be sure to let her know so she can follow up.  You will also find maps and additional information on the Projects & Planning Page.

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