Operator Jr. Valois working on a line break in  Butterfield Park
Operations Staff unloading equipment in front of the Mesquite Office
Our booth at Water Fair 2014 in Young Park
Operations and Projects Dept. staff at Water Fair 2014

Water and Wastewater Operations

Mesquite Drain Repair
Our Operations crew manages and maintains approximately 100 square miles, 13 wells and 5,000 water connections! Our critical customers include 5 schools and 12 dairies.
Here is a video about backflow and cross-connection prevention. You will find a link on our Documents page to download our Backflow and Cross-connection Policy.

Operations Crew

All public water supply systems and public wastewater facilities in New Mexico are required to employ certified operators.  Each level of certification (Small Systems, Advanced Small Systems, and Levels I thru IV) has a required minimum level of experience and hours of training for certification and a renewal period of three years requiring an additional 30 credit hours of continuing education. 

New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau Utility Operator Certification Program is responsible for development, scheduling and administration of certification examinations, processing applications for certification and renewal, tracking all certified operators continuing education courses, evaluating training courses for relevance to program, tracking compliance with operator certification requirements and working with the New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission and Utility Operators Certification Advisory Board. 

The Lower Rio Grande Public Water Works Authority employs:

12 certified operators with
2 Water Level IV,
2 Water Lever III,
5 Water Level II and
3 Water Level I certifications;
plus 3 Level IV Wastewater,
1 Level III Wastewater,
3 Level II Wastewater and
1 Level I Wastewater certifications.